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Total number of educational programs: Bachelor's, degree Master's degree, Specialty and Postgraduate study is  97 programs in  28  directions and specialties: 

  • Bachelor's degree — 53, 

  • Master's degree — 24, 

  • Specialty— 2

  • Postgraduate study — 18.      

There are 8810 students on April, 1, 2024: 

  • according to ASU higher education programs — 6052 people

  • according to ASU MSTC secondary optional education— 2758 people. 

Total number of the postgraduate study students is 106 people.

There are 609 people study at the University branch in Belorechensk on April, 1, 2024

Since 2019 the Adyghe State University and Uzbek State University of World Languages (USUWL) have been implementing network educational programs in two training directions "Computer Science and Computer Engineering"(direction "Automated information processing and control systems") and "Pedagogical education"  (direction "Russian as a Foreign language" ). 

Since 2022 the Adyghe State University has been implementing the program of academic exchange with Denau Institute of Entrepreneurship.

In 2023 a new educational program was launched in training direction 06.04.01 Biology. Master's program "Genetics and agrobiotechnology of plants". The program has been developed by ASU together with leading SRI All-Russian Institute of Plant Genetic Resources named after N. I. Vavilov (ARIP), Sirius University and the industrial partner "Progress Agro". The scientific supervisor of the Masster's program is Khlestkina Elena Konstantinovna, Doctor of Biological Sciences. The program is aimed at in-depth training of highly qualified plant genetics' specialists with modern fundanental knowledge and practical skills.