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Main building

Pervomayskaya, St, 208

(8772) 570273, (8772) 571172

Mon-Sat 8:30 am – 5 pm
Lunch break 12:30 pm – 1 pm
Map of the premises
Map of the premises

(8772) 570273
Press service

(8772) 570273
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Organization And Structure



Vice Rector for Education

Vice Rector for Research

Vice-Rector for Student and Social Affairs

Chief Strategy Officer

Vice Rector for Finance and Commercial Affairs

Vice Rector for University Campus

Chief Officer for Legal Issues

Information and public image policy CEO

Vice Rector for Security Service and General Affairs

Management Offices

Curriculum & Instruction Department

EIEE Support Center

Applicants Office

Occupational guidance and pre-university education center

Academic Research Office

QMS and Audit Department

Youth Policy Department

Social Affairs and Alumni Employability Department

Human Resources Office

General Affairs Office

Legal Affairs Office

International Affairs Office

Foreign Students Department

Visa Services Office

Testing Center

IT&Communications Center

Economic Planning Department

Purchase and Orders Placement Office

Accounting and Fiscal control Division

Household and Maintenance

Chief Engineer's Office

Campus Management Office

Nutrition Service

Mechanical Supervisor Staff

Science and Innovation Division

Research Institute of Complex Issues 

Rector’s PA on Non-science Issues

Adyghe Academic Center

Editorial and Publishing Unit

ASU Botanic Garden

Caucasus Mathematical Center

Science Laboratories

Robotics Center

Cosmic Services Center

RAS SSC Specialized Departments 

Science & Innovations Park

Academic Library

Printing Office

Social Affairs Division

Science and Engineering Board

Educational and Methodological Board  

Young Scientists Council

Students Academic Society

Editorial Advisory Board

Expert Control Committee

Employees Trade Union

Students Trade Union

Interns&Students Union

Foreign Students Union

Volunteer Assocations

Media Division

ASU Newspaper

Video Archive

Media Center

Liaison Offices

ASU Faces & Places

Faculties & Staff

Institute of Physical Education and Judo

Arts Institute

Adyghe Philology and Culture Department

Nature Studies Department

Engineering & Physics Department

Foreign Languages Department

History Department

Mathematics and Computer Sciences Department

International Department

Pedagogics and Psychology Department

Social Technologies and Tourism Department

Philology Department

Economics Departments

Law Department

Campus Offices

Health Care Center


Sport Clubs

Culture Center

Student Musical Theatre “Art-Riton”